About the Software

Creative Divorce Documents® is software that allows for the accurate creation of pleadings, letters and papers without the usual and tedious “fill-in-the-blanks,” stop and go process. Once the initial client data is entered, that information never has to be re-entered or keyed into the computer a second time.

Remembering names, addresses, and other client specific information is one thing, but the ability of the program to intuitively place gender and plurality correctly in the document results in a pleading with the proper pronouns, numbers, and genders without further user input.

Answer files may be stored on your computer's server, or they can be stored on the HotDocs Market's secure server. No longer will the attorney be frustrated with a clause reading “Janet Jones by and through his attorney” resulting from either the attorney or staff misplacing the “his” or “her” pronoun though a “cut and paste” process or simple error found in the practice of “filling-in-the-blanks.”

A data base for each county including critical information concerning courts, judges, magistrates and their divisions, addresses and phone numbers, is preprogrammed in the software.

The user need only select the correct county and judicial officer for a given case and the information is saved in the client answer file eliminating the need to hand enter that information. Like other facts in the client answer file, the court/county information is coupled with the client data and saved for each future document.

Templates may be stored on your network and updated manually, or they can be stored on the DropBox cloud. In all cases, however sensitive client data is retained on the lawyer’s computer or server or in a secure and private cloud directory. This eliminates the risk of client information being “hacked into” through any computer associated with Divorce Technologies, LLC or Creative Divorce Documents®.

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Benefits of the Software

Creative Divorce Documents® is a solid and comprehensive program which, in addition to the ability to create documents, track deadlines and discovery requirements. It also creates interoffice and file memos from the initial interview of the client to concluding written advice to clients following the entry of the divorce decree.

Creative Divorce Documents® reduces the time spent generating, creating and customizing documents, such as the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Summons, notices, motions, responses, letters and literally hundreds of other forms. This eliminates double entry of known information. Using the easy to complete information in the dialogues, once a question has been answered and saved in the client answer file it need not be answered or typed again from the beginning of the divorce to the entry of the final decree. Key to the innovation of Creative Divorce Documents® is the more than 40 years of legal experience in family law that John Ciccolella brings to the developmental process. His experience is reflected in Martindale-Hubble’s Peer Review Rating as an “AV Preeminent Attorney” and this inclusion in America’s Best Lawyers and U.S. News and World Report's Best Law Firms in the field of family law, Colorado.

Legal sufficiency of the pleadings produced through the use of Creative Divorce Documents® meets a higher standard than the “official forms” recognized in the Colorado State Judicial Branch’s Self-help web site. The forms on that site are often legally incorrect and deficient. Many lawyers blindly rely on that form set as a guide to drafting their own pleadings. The more reliable documents prepared with the Creative Divorce Documents® programs will produce a higher quality of product for the attorney improving his or her reputation as a good drafter of legal documents.

How the Software Works

By providing simple answers to a series of questions in carefully designed dialogs, the most complex of documents can be crafted by the user in minutes saving the attorney time and eliminating “reinventing of the wheel” with each document drafted. This economic advantage is reflected in greater law office efficiency with a corresponding reduction in costs to the client while increasing profits to the attorney.

Creative Divorce Documents® forms are listed in the library on the left side of the opening screen. The collection of documents is grouped in a logical sequence which matches the flow of a divorce proceeding. When the user selects a form to be completed, a series of dialog boxes opens with unique questions necessary to customize the form and complete it for printing. When the interview is finished two things happen. First, the document is sent to the word processor for final review, and if necessary, editing. Second, the answers given in the interview are saved in a client answer file for future use. Using Creative Divorce Documents®, the user can transform any form file interactively to the document desired by replacing interchangeable text based on the variable answers contained in the dialogs associated with each form. This allows the user to selectively include or exclude text by the simple “question/answer” protocol employed by Creative Divorce Documents®. As documents are created, prompted by the answers to a series of questions, the appropriate information is merged creating a “custom” made document set to the client’s individual needs.

Important Features of the Software

The all important Sworn Financial Statement and Child Support Worksheets are an integral part of Creative Divorce Documents™. Creative Divorce Documents™ is much more than just a set of worksheets. Its templates cover the broad range of the family law practice.

The organization of the template index follows the logical sequencing of a divorce case from beginning to end.  Initial input of client information creates a data base that when completed with generate a Petition together with a Summons and Information Data Sheet or Response in a Dissolution of Marriage actions without further typing or keying in of data.

Generation of the notice for the Initial Status Conference or a Stipulated Case Management Plan, as well as, all of the other forms is done by simply answering questions unique in simple and easy to use dialogs.  Motions for Change in Venue, for Temporary Financial Restraining Orders or to Consolidate Actions are just a few clicks away from start to finished product.

A wide range of Discovery and discovery related issues are covered in the many discovery templates. Like many other pleadings, the Motions to Compel or seek Sanctions for failure to provide discovery include the necessary legal citations to statutory, rule and case law.

Developing a comprehensive Parenting Plan is often difficult and troubling. Not so with Creative Divorce Documents™. Through the use of a comprehensive use of parsing the various aspects of parenting in a divorce, Creative Divorce Documents™, prepares a detailed but very understandable parenting plan.

Forms for a separate action in Allocation of Parental Responsibilities and enforcement of child-custody determinations under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act are not missed in the Creative Divorce Documents™ form set. New forms and templates are constantly being created to improve the use and function of Creative Divorce Documents™.

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