Colorado Divorce Documents Made Easy

1How Much Does Creative Divorce Documents of Colorado Cost?
Creative Divorce Documents is a subscription based service. Take advantage of our Limited Time FREE 30 Day Trial! Then get our easy-to-afford, low monthly cost of only $59.95 per user.
2Can I Customize the Forms?
The templates are configurable through a firm level options interview. We will add additional configuration options on request. The documents assemble to Microsoft Word and can be edited after assembly. At present will not be offering customizaton of the text of the forms.
3Can I Use My Own Law Firm's Letterhead?
The system includes two options: (1) Assign a top margin for letters to accommodate printed letterhead or (2) use a generic law firm letterhead based on information entered into the system about your firm. For a minor additional fee payable to our development partner, Basha Systems LLC, there will be option to supply us with a copy of your electronic letterhead, which we will incorporate into you installation.
4What software does Creative Divorce Documents of Colorado Use?
All templates are written in Microsoft Word and are automated in HotDocs, Inc. HotDocs is the leading tool used by lawyers to automate legal documents.
5Who is the Author of Creative Divorce Documents(tm) of Colorado?
The templates were developed by Colorado family law attorney John Ciccolella, Esq. and used in his practice.
6Who Developed the HotDocs Templates for Divorce Technologies, Inc.?
The HotDocs templates are the product of a callaboration between Ciccolella Family Law and Basha Systems, with all original content supplied by John Ciccolella and with automation assistance and packaging provided by Seth Rowland, and Rose Rowland of Basha Systems LLC
7What are the Hardware and Software requirements to run Creative Divorce Documents of Colorado?
Creative Divorce DocumentsTM will run on almost any word processing platform on either Microsoft OS or Mac IOS. We recommend highly a dual-core processor with at least 4 GB of RAM and a large monitor or dual monitors.
8How much do updates to Creative Divorce Documents(tm) of Colorado cost?
Updates are free. Users pay only for their subscription.
9How will updates be deployed?
Your license is limited only the subscription period you select and the number of users. The subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription period, unless earlier cancelled. Updates will be made regularly and on a frequent basis by Divorce Technologies, LLC. Errors brought to our attention will be corrected as soon as possible, usually within 48 working hours or less. Use the “Contact” page to note any errors or corrections that need to be address by Creative Divorce Documents ®. A link on that page will send your concerns directly to Divorce Technologies, LLC.
10When will my software license expire?
Your license is limited to the time-period you selected when you purchased your plan. The subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription period, unless earlier cancelled.
11If I get a new computer, is there any charge?
No. You will simply need to register the new computer on the HotDocs Market Place website.
12If I leave my current law firm, is my subscription transferable?
This will depend on the law firm from which you are departing. That firm must give written permission to Divorce Technologies, LLC, for the transfer of the subscription.
13Is there any charge for training on use of Creative Divorce Documents of Colorado?
On the Divorce Technologies website tutorial videos will be posted. It is anticipated that the videos will also be viewed on You Tube ®. It is also anticipated that regular webcasts will be open to all subscribers at convenient times during the work week.
14Our local county court judge require special forms for our practice in ______ County, Colorado?
Future releases will include County-specific variations on the form. If your County Court judges require special forms for divorce and child support litigation, please submit them to Divorce Technologies Inc. for inclusion in future releases.
15Our firm has special language we wish to use in our retainer/engagement letter
The Creative Divorce Documents component file is locked and cannot be edited by licensed users. That template along with all other templates is designed for use by different firms with varying document demands. If the options in the engagement letter do not suit your needs, Creative Divorce Documents® can expand the options or develop a firm specific engagement letter. Our development partner, Basha Systems LLC, can provide a quote for adapting a frim specific engagement letter into Creative Divorce Documents®.
16Do you have any tutorials?
Yes, we have multiple online video tutorials to help you learn our program. Click Here

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