Divorce Technologies, LLC

Divorce Technologies, LLC, creates and owns Creative Divorce Documents®. The software is distributed via the internet by HotDocs®. The templates are designed for law offices representing clients in dissolution of marriage actions, and related types of cases. The document assembly program was developed by John B. Ciccolella for use in his law practice.

Repeated testing and modification of the templates over several years of use has made the document assembly program ready for commercial distribution. The program is not intended for use by individuals who are not licensed attorneys in Colorado.

Basha Systems, LLC

To make the product as marketable as possible, Divorce Technologies, LLC employed the services of Basha Systems, LLC. to improve dialogs and form styles employed in the document assembly process.

Basha Systems, LLC has consulted with legal software developers since 1996. It has a strong and reputable history in assisting in software development and support.

Basha Systems will be providing implementation assistance and product support in collaboration with Divorce Technologies, LLC

Cicolella Family Law

John Ciccolella has practice family law in Colorado for more than 40 years. These forms are an integral part of his law practice.

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